Beading and Flanging Machine

Model M and EL

Beading- and Flanging Machine Model MConstruction and Design

  • designed for beading, flanging and wire inserting works
  • advance of the top roller by means of threaded spindle
  • axially adjustable bottom roller
  • guidance of the workpieces through an adjustable stop









Beading- and Flanging Machine Model ELAccessory

Set of beading dies standard equipment

2 pairs of wiring rollers BA + BC
1 pair of necking rollers F
1 pair of folding rollers ZA
1 pair of beading rollers S = 6 mm
1 pair of crimping rollers E = 30 mm
1 pair of swaging rollers V, 2,5 mm
1 pair of swaging rollers V, 4,0 mm
1 pair of swaging rollers V, 5,0 mm


Special dies

Beading rollers S, SK
Wiring rollers BA, BE, BM, BD
Elbow rollers KA, KB
Seaming rollers ZB
Cutting rollers M
Special dies on request


Optional Accessory

  • Electric motor drive,
    with geared motor 0,37 KW
    speed infinitely variable,
    right and left-hand rotation



centre to centre
distance between
max. sheet
Working height
above table
63 200 1,00 250 M
63 200 1,00






Examples of forming steps on bending machines


            I = Initial Position                                       F = Final Position

Depending on the complexity of the forming processes, one or more intermediate positions are necessary!


Chart Beading Machine



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